UHEYAD International Refereed Journal of Researches on Economy Management began to be published as of the year 2014.  Our journal gives place to the publications having the qualification and value that will provide source to the literature. Our journal is an international refereed journal and it is issued FOUR times a year. The volumes of our journal are published in MARCH, JUNE, SEPTEMBER and DECEMBER on the system. Our journal has both a printed version and can be reached online. All kinds of publications within the field of Economics, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, International Relations, Business Administration, Finance, Management Organization, Econometrics, Statistics and Economy can be incorporated in our journal. Our journal2s editor-in-chief is  Prof. Dr. Giray Saynur DERMAN and carries out the diligent activities in line with the decisions taken by the executive board of the journal. The head of the executive board is the professor with the highest title in the journal at that time and the decisions given by 51% of the executive board are performed. Each publication sent must be gone through two referees of that field and it must be approved by referees for publication. Only one submission of the same author is included in the same volume. The publications approved by more than one referee and executive board are taken to queue and published in next volumes. None of the authors can affect referees and executive board. Publication copyright agreement is not demanded for the submissions uploaded to the system for the publication. The submissions uploaded to the system are regarded as assigned to the journal. Author or authors should accept this condition and they have been included in this system by confirming that they will act in line with the publication principles of the journal. The academicians and researchers who want to be in our journal’s referee and science boards must bear the title Dr. and they must carry out scientific studies in their fields. No one without the title Dr. and publication in her/his field can be involved in science, advising and referee boards. Executive board is the highest decision-making and execution mechanism of the journal. All decisions made by the executive board are absolute and unchangeable. Under no circumstances, an operation can be conducted on journal without the decision of the executive board. Editor-in-chief can decide on whether the submissions not sent to referee approval are accepted in the journal and whether they will be sent to referee approval. It isn’t required to inform the executive board during this decision process. The participation of scientists in referee, science and advisory boards are only up to the decision of the executive board. 

Some special issues are also published in our journal for the submissions published in some national and international congresses and approved by referees. Such special issues are only valid for verbal papers presented in the agreed congresses. Those papers must get the approval of congress science board and that of the referees. None of the submissions not evaluated by referees can be published. Papers submitted for publication are sent to the referees for approval. The submissions with approval of both referees are taken into publication. Hard copy and referee approval reports of the verbal papers must be presented to the executive board and editor-in-chief. Our journal doesn’t include the papers without this information and materials. Author or authors are informed about the process of our journal as written via the internet address. Every author logging in as a member of our journal can monitor the course of process from the journal’s website and follow the developments. Conditions of our journal are the same for all authors. Those rules and conditions cannot be changed for anyone. A privilege cannot be demanded. The submissions to be published in our journal must be within a field accepted by the journal.  None of the submissions not suitable with those conditions can be published in our journal. The referee process is performed under the supervision of editor-in-chief. Editor-in-chief has the authority to inform and decide on the course of referee process. A submission not approved or accepted by the editor-in-chief isn’t included in the process. In this regard, author or authors cannot put the responsibility on the journal or other organs. Even if the submission is approved by the referees and it is accepted for publication on the system, it can be cancelled with negative opinions of editors or executive board and the decisions of the boards. In that case, author or authors cannot impose sanctions on the journal. All kinds of authority belong to the executive board and editorial board unilaterally. 

Our journal acts as per the provisions of Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846 within the framework of legal rules of T.R. Our journal has the right to protect its legal rights unilaterally about author or authors who do not fulfill the requirements of this law. Author or authors shall be unilaterally responsible regarding plagiarism and the citations not suitable with the relevant laws in the submissions sent for publication. All authors have to comply with the international academic, scientific codes of conduct. Our journal directly and formally informs the relevant institutions and organizations regarding the authors who do not comply with these rules. Citation must be absolutely stated or the resources used must exist under the summary in the papers prepared by using Doctoral, Master’s theses and Dissertation. Otherwise, such papers aren’t accepted as ethical and considered within the framework of plagiarism. The name of the real owner of the relevant paper must be stated in thesis and dissertation. The name of the person as the real owner of thesis “publication” must be in the first place within the framework of codes of conduct. Advisor and other authors cannot rank before the owner of thesis. If there are other author names apart from the advisor in such kinds of papers, type of contributions made must be clearly stated in the references. Our journal is a media organ with printed and online versions. As a material incorporating academic studies, it is a social organ offering social service to the institutions and individuals carrying out scientific researches. Our journal is a free journal and doesn’t have to send a written material to any author or authors. The submissions accepted in our journal and approved for publication are sent to edit for layout in line with the journal’s publication principles and spelling rules and it is uploaded to the system. Author/authors and readers can download the volume from the system. Layout is conducted by the author on the basis of the sample article.